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Good writers borrow from other writers. Great writers steal from them outright. s/writers/coders

Well, the story goes like this, I'm a pretty passive reader of Hacker News and on there i've seen Google Instant, Youtube Instant and Google Maps Instant all appear there. They got some pretty good press and i just felt like joining the bandwagon. I'm not specifically looking for press or anything, but this site will make a nice example site for my CV.


Srsly? WTF?
As it says in the footer I'm basically stealing the idea from Michael and Feross. I'm a Hacker News user so I felt that the users there may enjoy everything in one place.
Dude, you spelt the domain wrong.
No I ruddy didn't, I'm not American, I'm Scottish, and although we hate the English and have our own languages as well as super cool accents, we do use the British English language primarily, not American English. But to keep you Americans happy I registered the American spelling of the domain too. :)
Are you looking for a job too?
Kind of, I'm not a permanent employee, I'm a contractor, mainly in London. Currently on the lookout for my next contract. Have a look at my CV if you're interested anyway.
Have you contacted Michael and Feross about this?
Yep I certainly did, I told them at any point i'll remove their sites from here at any time should they object but during our email exchanges they seem cool with it. :)
I made an instanty thingy too, can you include it here?
If I think its cool yes, certainly. I'm unlikely to add your "my little pony" instant app, but most other things, sure.
Are you finished yet?
Nope, I've only spent a day doing the basic proof of concept, i'll eventually add a few other things to make it a nicer experience. Clean up the text results, parse links, add meta information, and add the specific suggest feature.
This site is pretty ugly...
I know, I'm not a designer, im a coder. Think you can make it look better while keeping it minimal, hit the big ass contact button on the top right of this page.
The search sucks!
Yeah, thats because I havent added the suggest feature yet, it currently only searches for what you've typed in the box, soon i'll make it search for what it thinks you're going to type. :)